The 2014 Downton Knit-a-long, Jimmy Beans Style

Image from Ebay sales

Image from Ebay sales

Are you a Downton Abbey devotee? So many of us are these days–all that intrigue above and below stairs…forbidden pleasures, unspoken feelings. All those things romance writers love to create and read about.

But here’s another angle on the series you might not have considered. While there are those who have constructed games where drinking Madeira, a good brandy, or even a solid red wine upon certain phrases or occurrences in the show, others have become even more clever.

Take the Jimmy Beans Wool Mystery Knit-a-long challenge, the second one sponsored by this up and coming company in Reno, Nevada that sells all things yarn-related. I’ve just visited my daughter, who works there–and I promise I didn’t drool on all the yarns, even the Hobbit ones. (which are GORGEOUS!!!)

They’ve worked with the designer of Lorna’s Laces, well known to knitters around the world, to design a special yarn dedicated to Downton Abbey in beautiful colors–check this out!DowntonKAL2014

As Kristen says:

instead of drinking when something happens on Season 4 of Downton Abbey, we’ll be knitting a specific stitch pattern into our shawl based on the directions given each week! (Of course, we wouldn’t blame you for pouring a glass of wine or a drink to enjoy with your project and Downton, but all we’ll be focused on is the knitting!!)” 

So this will be a season-long event that will end up with you owning your very own Downton shawl.

There’s still time to hop on over to Jimmy Beans’ website and pick up your supplies. Start at this blog and get your instructions, get your yarn ordered, and settle in for some relaxing Sunday evenings with your beverage of choice and your new winter project. A concurrent chat will be available in the JBW group at Ravelry, to share your questions and progress!JBW



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