Danger: a catalyst to bring two people together…

4985513437_4940eb10a6_oNot everyone waits for that online website or a friend’s well-meant blind date to meet the man or woman of their dreams. Sometimes they find each other when they’re “on the run.”

In books of The Wild Rose Press Crimson Rose line, you’ll read  “stories driven by revenge, greed, betrayal, anger, love, desire, yearning and more,” romantic suspense at its best.

But seriously, aren’t those all the best emotions and motivators? I suppose there are people in the world who thoroughly enjoy when the alarm goes off too early in the morning just so they can start pushing pencils, like Bartleby the Scrivener. They can spend the whole day adding numbers and making reminder phone calls, a true white-bread existence. But fortunately for all of us, men and women do NOT live by white bread alone.

We want to read passages that set our hearts thumping, make us catch our breath, send a rush of dizzy adrenaline through every vein and tingle every nerve down to our toes.

Life occasionally gives us those moments when we can become more than we really are, something empowered and driven and special. Romance authors like Alana Lorens take those moments and bring them to life through characters you can love and endings that remind you that sometimes those lemons in  life can make delicious lemonade.

Alana Lorens grew up reading the classic mistresses of romantic suspense– Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, Jane Aiken Hodge, Dorothy Eden– and has continued to read right up through modern authors like Brenda Novak, CJ Lyons, and many more.  She’s proud to now bring you her own tales of passion with the spice of peril mixed in.

SecretsintheSand_w5649-1See the trailer for her first novel of romantic suspense here:



And the trailer for CONVICTION OF THE HEART, her latest novel here!

5-star review for CONVICTION OF THE HEART: Alana Lorens’ newest release, “Conviction of the Heart,” rises above many romance genre novels in that it could easily fit into the general fiction category. Very few romance writers are successful at such a feat, such as Nora Roberts, and now Alana Lorens. This novel has strong, memorable characters, a carefully crafted plot, and even danger and suspense…

SECOND CHANCES book trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEMtSxd6FQQ

5-star review for SECOND CHANCES: “Second Chances,” newly released by Alana Lorens, is another successful romance/adventure novel that will keep readers up late. I couldn’t put it down, myself. It tells the story of a middle-aged female attorney who receives a pink slip through no fault of her own, but it takes the wind out of her sails and forces her to question her abilities and self-worth. She meets a much younger war veteran suffering with terminal cancer who befriends her and gives her a reason to face life anew. Read to learn how close they become, how they face danger together, and how long (and how deep) their friendship becomes. Will they both have a second chance?



CONVICTION OF THE HEART (release date June 8, 2012)

And SECOND CHANCES (release date July 2012)

The first and Second books of the Pittsburgh Lady Lawyer Series!


This contest may be over, but this isn’t the end of the series.  The next book in the series, VOODOO DREAMS, has been contracted by The Wild Rose Press, and will be released in Kindle Select October 28, and in print February 2014, just in time for Mardi Gras!

The story:  Pittsburgh attorney Brianna Ward needs a quick getaway after a trial gone bad, and her travel agent books her a flight to Mardi Gras. Excited by the possibilities of adventure, Brianna is thrilled–until she finds that Evan Farrell, one of the attorneys on the opposing side of her case, is staying at the same bed and breakfast.

masked girlComplicating her stay is the mysterious Copper Delacroix, who seems determined to follow her through her vacation, dropping hints of danger. Will Brianna get a little something extra with her Mardi Gras beads as a souvenir? Or is there a dark side to Copper that even Evan can’t save her from?

Snippets and more coming, as we get closer to release date. Stay tuned! VoodooDreams_w7507_med

Buy it now! Amazon.com–in Kindle or print!



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